Victorine Theology: Allegoriae in Vetus Testamentum by Richard of St. Victor


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Richard of St. Victor, Allegoriae in Vetus Testamentum. Three small fragments on vellum. Northern France, ca. 1180: 153 mm x 41 mm; 198 mm x 41 mm; 282 mm x 40 mm. The longest strip cuts across a bifolium, giving a single column width of 65 mm. Ruled in diluted ink. Text: J.-P. Migne, PL 175:643-49, parts of book I, chaps. xiv-xviii (on Noah’s Ark, the raven and the dove, the colors of the rainbow, and the drunkenness of Noah) and of book II, chaps. ix-xi (on Rebecca taken to Isaac, and the blessing of Jacob). Victorine theology was characterized by “imaginative” allegorical readings of Scripture in which, for example, biblical figures could represent abstract virtues. Provenance: ex Coll. Cristoff Graf Vojkffy (d. 1970), Fugger heir.

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