Very Large Bohemian Copy of Peter Lombard’s Great Gloss on the Pauline Epistles in Catena Format


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Peter Lombard, Collectanea in Epistolas S. Pauli (“Great Gloss” or Magna glossatura on the Pauline Epistles). Single folio on paper. Bohemia, ca. 1430: 415 mm x 270 mm (justification, 303 mm x 185 mm). Watermark obscured by the writing. Double column. Framed ruled in diluted black ink, so the number of lines will vary. Decoration: two grand 13-line initials on the recto, one in pink, the other orange, with blue or black interiors and liquid gold curlicue highlights; lemmata and quotations underlined in red; chapter headings and authorities (in margins) rubricated. Remains of a leather tab glued on the verso. Each column on the verso has a rubricated summary of the contents below the text. Text: J.-P. Migne, Patrologiae Latinae Cursus Completus (Paris, 1842), vol. 192, col. 311B-313D. This is Peter Lombard’s Great Gloss in rare catena format. Our folio opens with the beginning of 2 Thessalonians. Provenance: Collection of the late Prof. J. P. Gumbert. His teaching collection of manuscripts was sold at Burgersdijk & Niermans (Leiden) in 2017. Condition: The paper is creased and often separated along the creases. Soiled and worn, with an irregular cut along the gutter.

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