Three Decorative Leaves from Books of Hours


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Three Decorative Leaves from Books of Hours. Three folios on vellum, all from fifteenth-century northern French Books of Hours: 1. 201 mm x 147 mm (justification, 93 mm x 67 mm); single column, 11 lines, foliated 137 in modern pencil in upper right corner; from the Office of the Dead, first nocturn of Matins, mostly the first lesson from Job 7; 2. 181 mm x 140 mm (justification, 101 mm x 69 mm), single column, 16 lines, foliated 87 in modern pencil in lower left corner; from the Office of the Dead, third nocturn of Matins, Psalm 41 (“As the hart panteth after the water brooks”); 3. 151 mm x 99 mm (justification, 83 mm x 45 mm); single column, 15 lines, foliated 18 in the upper left corner of the recto; texts from Sirach and the opening of “Ave Maria stella maris,” in a mass to the BVM. These are handsome decorative leaves with good initials and fine illuminated borders: 1. Three sides with rinceaux and foliage, gold bar borders, and a large two-line initial P in gold and colors; 2. busy rinceaux with blossoms and gold ivy leaves and a curious six-pointed star, gold initials; 3. panel border in gold and colors with foliate and liquid gold highlights, initials in liquid gold. Condition: slight smudges and offsets, some minor staining.

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