Scholastic Sermons of Philip the Chancellor ex Otto F. Ege


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Philip the Chancellor, Sermones in Psalterium. Two folios on vellum. Northern France, ca. 1250: 213 mm x 154 mm (justification, 155 mm x 93 mm). Single column, 33 lines. Prickings in the form of slits appear on the leaf foliated clxxxvii. Undecorated (space has been left for colored initials that were never provided. Glosses in the margins identify the themes or contents of sections in the homilies. Foliated “cxxvii” and “clxxxvii” in the upper margins. A faint “cxxvi” in plummet appears on the recto of one folio, but this foliation has been erased. Text: 1. Fol. cxxvii=end of Johannes Baptist Schneyer, Repertorium der lateinischen Sermones des Mittelalters IV (Münster, 1972), vol. IV, p. 860, no. 593 (Ps. 103.5), all of no. 594 (Ps. 93.19), and opening of no. 495 (Ps. 94.2); fol. clxxxvii = Schneyer vol. IV, p. 866, end of no. 687 (Ps. 132.1), most of no. 691 (Ps. 134.7). Provenance: From the collection of Otto F. Ege, the Cleveland dealer (d. 1951); see S. Gwara, Otto Ege’s Manuscripts (Cayce, SC, 2013), Handlist 4; Yin Liu and Ariel Brecht, “Leaf 4 in Otto Ege’s Fifty Original Leaves Portfolio: Sermons by Philip the Chancellor,” forthcoming in Florilegium 33 (2016). Condition: excellent.

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