Romanesque Leaves of an Exceptionally Rare CLASSICAL Text


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Romanesque Leaves of an Exceptionally Rare CLASSICAL Text of the JEWISH WARS, Authored by JOSEPHUS, a Jewish Leader of the Defense but who Later Joined the Romans and Befriended the future Emperors Vespasian and Titus


Titus Flavius Josephus, Bellum Iudaicum. Single folio on vellum. Northern France or Flanders, ca. 1180: 383 mm x 228 mm (justification, 235 mm x 141 mm). Double column, 52 lines. Textually complete, though some staining slightly affects a few letters on both sides. Lightly ruled in plummet. Unfoliated. Decoration: four rubricated multi-line initials with penwork enhancements and shoulder-notes; decorative red line-fillers. Text: Edward Cardwell, Flavii Josephi De bello iudaico Libri septem, vol. 2  (Oxford, 1837):

Leaf 1. III.7 (p. 195, line 22) die vicesimo [sic] … III.8 (p. 199, line 11) errant autem plu<rimi>. The siege of Jotpat during which Josephus led the Jews and was an eye-witness; the Romans under Vespasian construct enormous siege-towers; Trajan assaults Japha; siege and fall of Japha; betrayal and fall of Jotpat by treachery.

Provenance: Marcel Mirgodin (d. ca.1988), a Paris bibliophile; collection of Martin Schøyen, Oslo, MS 1561. Condition: a corner of the folio cut off, a small stain obscuring some letters of the text, otherwise very minor creases and cockling.

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