SALE! Romanesque Copy of the Venerable Bede on Luke


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Venerable Bede, In Lucae Evangelia (Commentary on the Gospel of Luke). Single folio on vellum. Germany, ca. 1180: 307 mm x 217 mm (justification,  205 mm x 137 mm). Single column, 22 lines. Ruled in drypoint. Decoration: two-line rubricated initials D and E. An inscription at the top of the recto in modern ink and a pencil annotation, “11. Jh. / MS.” Text: J. A. Giles, The Complete Works of Venerable Bede, vol. 11 (London, 1844), pp. 279-80 (chapter XIX, vv. 18- 20). Condition: a pastedown, the verso lifted and therefore abraded and stained with faint but fully legible text. The recto is soiled but in very good condition. It is uncommon these days to find any works by Bede.

PRICE: $1800

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