Robert Holcot, Lectures on the Sentences of Peter Lombard


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Robert Holcot (d. 1349), In quatuor libros sententiarum quaestiones. Three conjoint bifolia on vellum (one glued), discontinuous text. England, ca. 1350-1400: approx. 310 mm x 220 mm (justification, approx. 228 mm x 162). Double column of 54 lines. Decoration: one bifolium has a single two-line initial in blue with red penwork; all have alternating red and blue parafs. Running titles in pen at head of each page, flanked by column numbers. Text: From Holcot’s commentary (“lectura”) on Peter Lombard’s Sentences, as follows: cols. 97-100 and 125-28 (Quaestio 2); 197-200 and 217-20 (Quaestiones 2-3); 193-96 and 221-24 (Quaestiones 2-3). John T. Slotemaker and Jeffrey C. Witt call the work, “one of Holcot’s first scholastic works and … the starting point for any significant analysis of his thought” (Great Medieval Thinkers: Robert Holcot [Oxford, 2016]). Holcot was a Dominican, early follower of Ockham, and eminent Oxford theologian in his own right. This commentary represents a distillation of his Oxford lectures on the Sentences. Condition: These bifolia were used as bindings for account books in the mid-sixteenth century. One can detect the name of the notary, dates of the accounts (1541-1545 in one instance and 1546-1548 in the other), and the place-name Asten— (Astensis?), possibly referring to Asti in Italy. Condition: Natural flaws, stains, scuffs, folds and losses to edges, but still mostly legible.

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