SALE! Old German Lectionary Used for Binding a Document


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Lectionary Used as a Book Cover. Bifolium on vellum. Germany, ca. 1450: each folio measures approx. 315 mm x 210 mm (justification, 237 mm x 152 mm). Double column, 26 lines. Ruled in diluted black ink. Foliated .ii. and .ix.  in red ink in upper margin, hence from a quinion. This bifolium was used as the cover for a documentary manuscript and still retains the alum-tawed cords used to close the book. It has been labeled Anno 1585 at the top, and below, “Joachim Gaÿsberg / 1585.” It also has a spine label: “V. / No  34.” Text: Gospel and Epistle lessons for ferial days, probably during Advent (conjoint but discontinuous text). Condition: stained and soiled, as expected.

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