Noted Missal Possibly from Liechtenstein


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Noted Missal. Remains of a bifolium, one leaf plus 1½ columns of a second. Upper Swabia, perhaps Baden-Württemberg, possibly Liechtenstein, ca. 1450: 337 mm x 262 mm (justification, 264 mm x 183 mm). Neumes on five-line staves in red and brown. Double column, 30 lines. Ruled in ink. The mention of Liechtenstein on the cover of this former binding suggests an origin in the vicinity of Liechtenstein (see below), and the curious script certainly resembles the style found in the southwest German and Swiss zones. Decoration: Alternating red and blue multi-line initials; larger initials in red and brown; rubrication. Text: The end of the service for Tuesday in Holy Week (Communion, Postcommunion, and prayer “super populum”), and about half of the service for Wednesday of Holy Week from the Introit through the NT lesson from Matthew. Portions of the readings from Isaiah and Matthew have been cut off. The fragment has curious annotations stating that certain texts (a gradual and collect, in this case) can be found in other service books owned by the church. Provenance: This bifolium was used as the cover of a ledger and is inscribed “Ampt Lichstensteyn / Walburgis 47… .” The number 47 may be a date (1547?). The name Walburgis may designate the town of Waldburg in Baden-Württemberg, just to the north, or more likely refers to holdings in Liechtenstein of the princely Waldburg family of Upper Swabia. Condition: Used as a cover and now removed, hence defective, worn, toned and soiled, especially on the verso. Yet it is completely legible.

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