Noted Breviary of Monastic Use


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Noted Breviary of Monastic Use.Single folio on vellum. Northern France, ca. 1325: 236 mm x 165 mm (justification, 155 mm x 103 mm); staff measurement: 11.5 mm. Single column, 24 lines. Foliated cccliii in medieval pen and 353 in early modern pen. The twelve lessons indicate monastic Use. A very interesting addition in the lower margin of the verso indicated by a signe-de-renvoiDecoration: five multi-line initials in alternating red and blue with contrasting penwork; rubricated. Texts: these represent an assortment of Patristic and Scriptural texts. The lessons X, XI, and XII all come from St. Augustine’s Homily 104; the sung responsory derives from the Magnificat (Lc 1.46-55); the Gospel lesson begins at Lc 10:38. Condition: very good, with the exception of a tear in the bottom margin, now “repaired” with a patch of glued-on vellum.

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