Newly Discovered and Unrecorded Manuscript Leaf Sold by Otto F. Ege


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Book of Hours Leaf from an Unrecorded Manuscript Sold by Otto F. Ege. Single folioon vellum. Northern France, ca. 1450: 179 mm x 119 mm (justification, 92 mm x 55 mm). Single column, 14 lines. Lightly ruled in diluted red ink. Unfoliated. Decoration: seven champs initials of gold on colored grounds; line-fillers with gold drops on bars or floral designs. Text: Ps. 37.4 non est pax ossibus … 37.11 virtus mea; from the Penitential Psalms in a Book of Hours. Provenance: from the collection of Otto F. Ege, the Cleveland rare book dealer and self-proclaimed biblioclast (d. 1951). Mounted in a large-scale Ege mat (post 1938), now cut down, and labeled “1400 French.” Only three other leaves currently at Yale’s Beinecke Library are known to have come from the same parent manuscript, so this fragment is currently unrecorded in S. Gwara, Otto Ege’s Manuscripts (2013). There may well have been very few leaves, because Ege often bought small batches of them from European sources for piecemeal distribution. Condition: excellent, but the folio is hinged and the mat has been cut down.

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