Monastic Lectern Bible from the Netherlands


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Decorative Monastic Lectern Bible from The Netherlands. Single folio on vellum. The Netherlands, ca. 1460: 317 mm x 248 mm (justification, 265 mm x 193 mm). Double column, 53 lines. A beautiful, refined script. Decoration: ten-line initial C of red and blue puzzle style with voids and infilled with red foliate penwork; two-line initials in red and blue; rubricated, with versal initials tipped in red. A pinprick in the middle of the initial suggests that a compass was used to make it. Text: 1 Paralipomenon 27-29, and the opening of 2 Paralipomenon. Condition: very good, except for slight smudging of the initial. This is an exceptional example of Dutch monastic bible production in the late Middle Ages, a trend that gave rise to the Gutenberg Bible.

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