Masterful Script in a Venerable Glossed Psalter from Italy, ca. 1125


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Glossed Psalter. Partial bifolium on vellum with one complete and one partial folio (due to rodent damage). Central Italy, ca. 1125: 220 mm x 177 mm. The column of biblical text in 17 lines. Ruled in dry-point. Both the main script and that of the glosses are exceptionally elegant, regular, and controlled. Decoration: Rubricated initials only; rubricated. Text: Psalm 75.2 eius (fragmentary at end) … 76.2 only a few letters of certain words remaining, such as the end of dominum and opening of clamavi, the single word ad; Psalm 77.27-38 perdet eos. Condition: formerly from a binding, therefore cut down, worn, soiled, cockled, stained, and very slightly wormed, with the rust mark of an old paper-clip on the recto of the first folio. The first folio is missing a large cantle of vellum, and one can identify the tooth-marks of a rodent. Provenance: from a California collection identified by the seller as “Samuelson Collection,” along with a note in modern pen on a small card from “University of California / Department of Latin” stating that the folio was “exhibited by Wilson H. Price.”

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