Latin Verse on Grammar and Rhetoric, Glossed


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Alexander de Villa Dei, Doctrinale Puerorum, with glosses in Latin and apparently Italian. Partial bifolium on vellum (complete text, the conjoint bifolium 2+7 of a quire). Northwestern Germany, perhaps southern Flanders, ca. 1300: 225 mm x 159 mm (justification, 152 mm x 60 mm); 224 mm x 123 mm (justification, 152 mm x 60 mm). Ruled in diluted brown ink. Single column, 28 lines. Decoration: single two-line initial A; red line drawn vertically down the versal initials. Text: Karl Kehrbach, Das Doctrinale des Alexander de Villa-Dei (Berlin, 1893): p. 93.1472-p. 98.1528; p. 111.1758-p. 116.1816. This is a particularly difficult part of the text, and the verso of the second folio has been heavily corrected and glossed in coeval black ink. At least one term seems Italian: NEQVAM] malvagio. The Latin glosses include FERALIS] crudele and MŒRET] i. flere. Condition: cut down as noted (missing the outer margin of the second folio), worn, stained, cut, and slightly cockled, with the rust mark of an old paper-clip on the verso of the first folio. Provenance: from a California collection identified by the seller as “Samuelson Collection.”

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