Large Fragment of an Atlantic Bible from Spain


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Large Fragment of an Atlantic Bible from Spain. Single large fragment on vellum. Spain, ca. 1180: 283 mm x 325 mm (justification, 243 mm x 263 mm). Double column, remains of 29 lines, approximately the upper half of an immense folio. A single rubricated initial and miniated capitals of running heads. Text: Numbers 21.22 vineas … 22:14 principes ad; Numbers 22.22 inam et duos … 23.13 locumProvenance: ex Mark Lansburgh (d. 2013), department store magnate, 1992. Condition: used as a wrapper inscribed “Libro da Molti et Diverse Racardi 1550-1631” and therefore exhibiting losses. A crease along the top is starting to split. Remnants of a hinge across the left edge of the recto.

Price: $1850

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