Huge Papal Bull Dated 1623 Concerning the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Damaso, Rome


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Papal Bull called a Concordio, representing a settlement on the apportionment of payments for baptisms and funerals between the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Damaso (central Rome) and the vicar of the parish. Italy, doubtless Rome, dated 22 May 1623 (11 kalendae Junii): 439 mm x 693 mm. Single column, 34 lines. Decoration: Intricate floral curlicue designs in sepia ink filling the left-hand border, plus a formal display script in knotwork and thin vertical initials infilled with floral designs taking up the entire upper border. A very handsome and regular script. Signed below the fold in two places by various witnesses, and endorsed. While the bulla is missing, a remnant of the silk cord by which it was attached remains threaded through the plica. Condition: overall very good; original folds from storage after endorsement. A few spots here and there, but the text fully legible except for a short but deliberate erasure in the fifth line.

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