Harnessed Bactrian Camel Sporting Panniers


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Attractive Hours with Harnessed Bactrian Camel Sporting Panniers. Single folio on vellum. Northern France, probably Paris, ca. 1460: 131 mm x 98 mm (justification 65 mm x 40 mm). Single column, 14 lines. Ruled in diluted ink. Decoration: richly decorated with a single two-line initial and seven one-line initials in blue with white tracery, gold backgrounds, and blue, orange, and white ivy leaf insets; 4 line-fillers with purple and blue floral motifs; finely executed panel borders, the verso border having a harnessed Bactrian camel with panniers amidst a tangle of acanthus leaves, flowers, buds, and fruit, painted in brushed gold, blue, green, and pink; rubricated. Text: Psalms 120 and 121 from one of the minor Hours in the Hours of the Virgin. Provenance: collection of William Chmurny (d. 2013). Condition: fresh condition with sparkling gold and unblemished illuminations on tissue-thin vellum.

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