Handsome Lectern Bible from the Collection of Otto F. Ege


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Impressive Lectern Bible from the Collection of Otto F. Ege. Two folios on vellum. Northern France, perhaps Flanders, ca. 1275: 450 mm x 320 mm (justification 316 mm x 211 mm). Double column, 39 lines. Heavily ruled in plummet. Foliated 36 and 67 in modern pen. A quire signature III’ for tertius on the one leaf. Decoration: Leaf 1: Two two-line initials in red and blue with red and blue penwork trailing in the margins; chapter numbers and running heads in alternating red and blue initials; versal initials tipped in red. Leaf 2: one six-line initial L in blue with elaborate red and frogspawn penwork trailing in the margin; two similar two-line initials in red and blue with contrasting red and blue penwork swags trailing in the margins; running heads and chapter numbers in alternating red and blue capitals; versal initials tipped in red; ornamental cadels in the upper margin of the verso. Very handsome and imposing leaves in fresh condition.   Text: Leaf 1. Exodus 17.2 iugatus … 19.20 ascen<disset>; Leaf 2. Numbers 16.38 mortibus … 19.10 im<mundus>.  Condition: very good; Leaf 1 is slightly soiled; a spot in a text column on the recto; slight cockling; unmatted. Provenance: One of Otto Ege’s first manuscripts, purchased with a clutch of 60 leaves acquired from a Munich bookseller around 1923; sister folios have been identified in at least fourteen collections, including Western Michigan University, Kent State University, Oberlin College, University of South Carolina, Reading Public Museum, and Toledo Museum of Art; see S. Gwara, Otto Ege’s Manuscripts (Cayce, SC, 2013), Handlist 96.

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