Gregory the Great’s “Homilies on the Prophet Ezekiel”


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Gregory the Great’s Homiliae in Ezechielem Prophetam (“Homilies on the Prophet Ezekiel”). Two folios on vellum from a major monastic text in miniature format. Italy, ca. 1250-1275: 146 mm x 102 mm (justification, 106 mm x 71 mm). Single column, 20 lines. A precise and decisive Gothic hand. Ruled in plummet with visible prickings. Decoration: capitals tipped in red. Text: Gregory the Great’s twenty-two homilies on Ezekiel represent a major text for Western theology. Inter-preting chapters 1-3 and 40, components were integrated into the Glossa Ordinaria, the standard exegesis of the bible begun under Anselm of Laon (d. 1117) and promulgated ca. 1080. This leaf has the appearance of a Franciscan manuscript. Provenance: from a manuscript including works by Simon of Tournai first sold by Swann (22 March 1990 lot 131), then by Sotheby’s 17 December 1991 lot 49; broken by 1993 when six folios of it were available at Hartung & Hartung; collection of William Chmurny (d. 2013). Condition: very slight cockling, otherwise clean and bright, with generous margins. A marginal notation or two in a contemporary hand.

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