Gregory the Great, Moralia in Job in a Romanesque Copy


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Gregory the Great, Moralia in Job. Partial bifolium on vellum. Northwestern Germany, perhaps Rhineland, ca. 1180: fol. 1, 212 mm x 193 mm, 23 lines in two columns; fol. 2, 191 mm x 134 mm, 23 lines except in the outer column of the folio where the lines are incomplete. The decoration consists solely of initials stroked in red. The handsome proto-Gothic script of this specimen folio has the characteristic thin shading associated with twelfth-century Germany.

Text: The following identification of the contents identifies the various lacunae of each folio. Note that for fol. 1 the text is only missing at the top and bottom of the folio and usually only a line or two. For fol. 2, however, only about half of the second column of the recto and first column of the verso survive.

Fol. 1r. 16, xxxvii etsi fuerunt quidam16, xxxviii corporibus exterior16, xxxviii videntur, quia ad hoc16, xxxix Cum exple<verit>

Fol. 1v. 16, xxxix voluntatem suamĀ  quia multis16, xl vim cum minime quisque 16, xl <cor>dis secretarium16, xl qui sic egit sed tanti …

Fol. 2r. 16, liii et in nullis se16, liv corruptibili exute16, liv qui prius quasi16, liv in meridie quiescunt

Fol. 2v. 16, lv <catholic>am f<aciunt>16, lv sepe huius mundiĀ 16, lv memorat viros16, lvi negligit iniustitiam.

Provenance: EU export license allowing permanent export.

Condition: used as a book cover, hence cut down and with irregularly shaped turn-ins; cockling, stains, soiling and occasional illegible text.

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