Glossed Gospels for a Paris Master


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Glossed Gospels for a Paris Master. Two folios on vellum. France, doubtless Paris, ca. 1225: 352 mm x 246 mm (justification, 226 mm x 132 mm). Double and triple column, ruled for 51 lines in plummet. Decoration: alternating red and blue pilcrows; a single red initial with blue penwork. The layout illustrates the difficulty of aligning the commentary with its Scriptural referent. On both leaves a signe-de-renvoi has been used in the last line of the recto to indicate that the text continues onto the verso. Text: Leaf 1. Io 20.1 lapidem … 20.18 nuntians; leaf 2. Io 16.33 <lo>cutus sum … 17.10 clarificatus. Provenance: from a bible once in the collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps, probably his number 13805. Condition: soiled in the upper margin and strengthened with a good repair, probably Victorian.

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