Glittering Leaves from an English Psalter


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Glittering leaves from an English Psalter. Two folios on vellum. Southern England, ca. 1420: 213 mm x 152 mm (justification, 146 mm x 96 mm). Single column, 18 lines. Ruled in diluted black ink. Apparently unfoliated, though one fragment bears what seems to be a Roman numeral vi in the upper right. Decoration: grand four-line and five-line initials on gold grounds for the openings of the liturgical divisions of the Psalms in a typical English palette. One has a marginal extensions on three sides, while the other has a full border in gold. Line-fillers in blue and red. There seem to be two different artists represesnted here. Text: Pss. 80 Exultate deo; 109 Dixit dominus. These are two of the common liturgical divisions of the Psalms and would have been identified in the Psalter with grand initials, sometimes historiated. Condition: excellent.

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