Colossal French Antiphonal Leaf with Bright Dentelle Initials


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Decorative Folio from a Late Fifteenth-Century French Antiphonal or Choir Psalter. Single folio on vellum. Northern France, ca. 1480: approx. 750 mm x 530 mm. Six four-line staves in red, rake ruled (44.5 mm). Foliated .lxvi. (twice) on the recto, with annotations in the upper margins: “post octavam pasche”¬† on the recto and “Dominica Quarta” on the verso. Decoration: two very large dentelle initials in bright gold and partial geometric borders with compartments¬† of liquid gold and flower blossoms. Text: the rubrics noted above as well as a third rubric preceding the text identifies Psalm 97 for the Fourth Sunday after the Octave of Easter; a versicle and alleluia follow. Provenance: from a French collection and comes with export license allowing permanent export. Condition: excellent, with only slight wear, inconspicuous soiling and trivial creasing.


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