Florentine Illuminated Antiphonal or Choir Psalter


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Florentine Illuminated Antiphonal or Choir Psalter.Single cutting on vellum. Italy, doubtless Florence, ca. 1500: 308 mm x 172 mm. Decoration: five-line initial D of Dixit Dominus (Ps 110), in bright palette of green, aqua, rose, and orange on liquid gold grounds with red speckles; floriated marginal swags of the same colors, with blossoms and an acorn, filling the margins and terminating in gold bezants; alternating red and blue versal initials. Text: truncated text of Ps 110. Provenance: acquired on 1 February 1991 from the estate of Rabbi Gershon Hadas (d. 1980), Congregation Beth Shalom, Overland Park, KS. Condition: worn, as depicted, some thin creases, one superficial tear.

Price: $375

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