Flemish Psalter from the Collection of Otto F. Ege


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PRICE: $475


Decorative Flemish Psalter. Single folio on vellum. Flanders, possibly Ghent, ca. 1250: 137 mm x 99 mm (97 mm x 72 mm). Unfoliated. Decoration: two multi-line initials in gold and colors, with large swags in the margins; alternating blue and gold one-line versal initials. Text: Psalm 41, “As the hart panteth after the water brooks”; Psalm 42 “Iudica me” ending with v. 2 (the large initial is an I). Provenance: collection of Otto F. Ege; see S. Gwara, Otto Ege’s Manuscripts (Cayce, SC, 2013), Handlist 12. Ege found this decoration primitive. Condition: some ink-burn on the initial I, which has also been trimmed at the side; rubbing of gold revealing gesso underneath. In an original Ege mat with price: $20.

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