Explication of the “Salve regina” Prayer in Dutch


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Translation and Explication in Dutch of the “Salve regina” Prayer from a Portable Prayer Book. Single folio on paper. The Netherlands, ca. 1450: 141 mm x 98 mm (justification, 97 mm x 66 mm). These are doubtless the original dimensions. Single column, 21 lines. Unfoliated. Decoration: decorated in the restrained Dutch style with a three-line initial W in blue with red penwork and green and albumen highlights. Otherwise alternating red and blue one-line initials, except for the name IESUS on the verso, which comprises alternating red and blue capitals. Rubricated. Text: vernacularity characterizes Dutch spirituality in the fifteenth century, and this leaf reveals its impact. The primary text (indicated by the W initial) is the “Salve regina” prayer, each component of which is followed by a translation (following the Latin text in red) and explanation in Dutch (following the rubricated word “versus”). Provenance: Alexander E. Vida of Grosse Pointe Farms, MI (d. 2018) and by descent. Condition: excellent, except along the very top of the recto where a hinge has been removed.

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