English Breviary ex Otto F. Ege


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English Breviary ex Otto F. Ege. Single folio on vellum. England, ca. 1420: 106 mm x 69 mm (justification, 61 mm x 40 mm). Single column, 21 lines in diluted black ink. Catchword “pacificus” on the verso. Foliated “11” in modern pencil in upper right-hand corner. Decoration: one three-line initial R in blue with white-lead highlights on gold grounds and a large foliate spray in the margin in gold and colors; three two-line initials in gold in red and blue grounds with white-leaf penwork and green foliate sprays in the margins; rubricated. Text: seasonal instructions for the breviary, with psalms, chapters, responsories, and versicles for the minor Hours of Prime, Terce, Sext, and None for Advent. The large initial R introduces the antiphon “Rex pacificus” for Vespers on the Christmas Vigil. Provenance: from the collection of Otto F. Ege, only of his first manuscripts (purchased ca. 1928); see S. Gwara, Otto Ege’s Manuscripts (Cayce, SC, 2013), Handlist 16 and mentioned in Seymour de Ricci’s Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada. Annotated in Mrs. Ege’s hand: “1500 Fr. Book of Hours.” Condition: only fair, soiled and creased with a tear in the middle, and offsets from other decorative elements.

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