Elegant Copy of the Decretals of Gregory IX from Mid-Fifteenth-Century France


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Decretals of Gregory IX (Liber Extra). Single folio on vellum. Northern France, ca. 1450: 311 mm x 235 mm (justification, 218 mm x 139 mm). Double column, 59 lines. Ruled in diluted red ink. Decoration: three champ initials, and two champ Roman numerals L and I in the upper margin; alternating red and blue pilcrows; small initials tipped in red. Text: “De electione” from the Liber Extra. Provenance: from a very fragmentary group of 69 folios sold at Sotheby’s, 19 June 1990 lot 94. Condition: excellent; fresh and clean, with only minor cockling and a small crease in lower outside margin.

PRICE: $850

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