Early Pocket Bible


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Early French Pocket Bible in an Astonishingly Diminutive Script. Single folio on vellum. Northern France, ca. 1250: 160 mm x 109 mm (justification, 109 mm x 69 mm). Single column, 43 lines. Ruled in plummet on very thin calfskin. A quire signature “VIII” on the verso. Guide letters written in plummet in the margins. A few corrections here and there. Decoration: one two-line initial in blue; alternating red and blue initials in the chapter numbers and running heads. This is an early transitional form of layout in which the chapters run on without a break except for the insertion of a colored initial or, in one case here, the addition of chapter numbers “hanging” in the margins. Provenance: this leaf cannot be associated with any manuscript of similar dimensions in the Schoenberg Database; comes with a UK export license allowing permanent export. Condition: excellent; one natural hole in the margin and one small tear related to its removal from the codex; very slight cockling.

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