Decorative Folio from a French Book of Hours


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Decorative Folio from a French Book of Hours. Single folio on vellum. Central France (?), ca. 1440: 181 mm x 131 mm (justification, 97 mm x 65 mm). Single column, 15 lines. Unfoliated. Decoration: a single two-line initial in blue on gold grounds with delicate white penwork and infilled with orange foliate designs, attached to a bar border in gold and pink that terminates in a spray of gold ivy leaves; eleven one-line dentelle initials; fine line-fillers of similar style; rubricated. Text:Pss 3 and 116 (a distinctive configuration) from Prime in the Hours of the Virgin. Condition: good, with very wide margins; some soiling and creasing, especially in the extreme upper right-hand corner.

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