Decorative English Psalter


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Fine English Psalter. Single folio on vellum. England, ca. 1420: 273 mm x 185 mm (justification, 189 mm x 118 mm). Single column, 22 lines. Ruled in diluted ink. This folio preserves nearly all the stitching from its former binding. Foliated “38” in upper right recto. Good black script. Decoration: richly decorated with a two-line initial Q in gold with interior red and blue quadrants on red and blue grounds detailed with white lead penwork; 19 alternating blue and gold one-line initials with contrasting red and blue penwork; 19 intricate blue and gold line-fillers, many extending nearly the whole width of the textblock. Text: Psalm 71.9 eius terram … 71.19 fiat fiat; Psalm 72.1 Quam bonus … 72.9 et lingua. Condition: slightly soiled on recto, stains and spots here and there.

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