Impressively Gargantuan Folio from a Celebrated Treatise on Canon and Civil Law


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Mammoth Folio of the Speculum iudiciale by William Durandus, Bishop of Mende. Single folio on vellum. Italy, probably Bologna, ca. 1350: 437 mm x 280 mm (justification, 340 mm x 202 mm). Double column, 75 lines. Decoration: four-line colored initial I and two two-line initials in blue with red penwork; alternating red and blue pilcrows; rubricated. Text: Book 2 of the Speculum iudiciale, completed ca. 1271 and revised ca. 1291. Among the most important and innovative explications of canon and civil law ever written, William’s treatise became a staple of the legal profession for centuries.

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