Decorative Spanish Missal


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Spanish Missal. Single folio on vellum. Spain, ca. 1375:approx. 300 x 206 mm (justification, 190 x 136 mm). Double column, 23 lines. Foliated clxxxi. Written in light brown ink of two sizes, the smaller reserved for chanted texts. Text: fourteenth and fifteenth Sundays after Pentecost. Cited Scriptural texts include Gal 5.26 Si vivimus … 6.8 vitam eter<nam>. Decoration: two-, three-, and four-line initials alternating red and blue (one puzzle initial) with piercings and contrasting penwork; thin penwork elements to initial I of the introit Inclina domine trail in the lower margin. Condition: slight cockling; minor small stain in lower margin.

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