Illuminated Italian Missal


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Illuminated Italian Missal. Single folio on vellum. Northern Italy, ca. 1425: 353 mm x 253 mm (justification, 232 mm x 163 mm). Double column, 29 lines. Decoration: four-line initial D in blue, green, orange, pink, yellow, and tan highlighted with white-lead penwork on gold grounds with five gold bezants; seven two-line initials in red or blue with contrasting penwork; alternating red and blue one-line initials; rubricated.  Text: Feasts of the Apostles Peter and Paul, the Apostle Matthew, and Perpetua and Felicitas. Cited Scriptural texts include: Acts 1.15 In diebus … 1.26 apostolis. Condition: good, the text on the recto slightly worn but legible, the leaf creased across the initial, and in the outer margin; some soiling, especially in lower right-hand corner.

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