Ferial Psalter of Sarum Use


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Diminutive Ferial Psalter of Sarum Use. Two folios on vellum. Southern England, ca. 1400: 102 mm x 71 mm (justification, 58 mm x 37 mm). Single column, 14 lines. Ruled in diluted red ink. Decoration: Leaf 1, two-line initial Q in gold on pink and blue grounds highlighted with white-lead penwork and sprouting a very large spray of green ivy leaves in the margin, terminating in a blue flower at the top; eight alternating blue and gold versal initials with contrasting penwork (purple on gold, red on blue). Leaf 2, one two-line initial in gold with purple penwork; blue and gold one-line initials with contrasting penwork; rubricated.  Text: Leaf 1, Ps 118.93 <vivi>ficasti me … 118.102 declina<vi>. In monastic Use this Psalm is divided into smaller sections to be recited in the Hours of the Virgin. But because the seventh section beginning “Quomodo” simply runs on from the sixth, the folio comes from a Ferial Psalter, which would have accompanied a Book of Hours. Leaf 2, end of Psalm 40 and opening of Psalm 41 for the third nocturn of Matins in the Office of the Dead. Condition: excellent.

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