SALE! Curious Tales from the Decretals


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Decretals of Pope Gregory IX (Liber Extra). Bifolium on vellum. Northern France, ca. 1300: each folio measures 192 mm x 126 mm. Double column, 43 lines. Ruled in plummet. Decoration: alternating red and blue two-line initials (blue often faded); single-line rubricated capitula marks. Text: Decretals, book II, title xx, chapters 38-46 (De testibus et attestationibus); book II, title xxii, chapters 4-10 (De fide instrumentorum). This fascinating section of the Decretals concerns the credibility of witnesses, and it mentions specific cases involving named bishops and nobles, including a countess of Flanders and prince of Bohemia. Condition: used as a cover and therefore soiled, with turn-ins, stains, toning, and a few holes. The gutter has been reinforced.


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